Thursday, 12 March 2009

Gone Rotten

How's she?
I think it's too late...
It can´t be too late since she's still breathing.
Yes, but the doctors said...
Oh, come on, what can they know?
Now they're having a meeting.
Who cares, they don't love her as much as we do, right?
Yes, that's right. So, what shall we do?
I wish I knew.
Do you believe her condition is beyond any repair?
Of course not, but the question is 'How did this happen?'
All of a sudden, within a night.
Don't be so naive. Such a condition cannot occur overnight. Something must've happened before that night.
Like what?
This is what we should find out and focus on from now on, so we'll be able to protect her when she recovers .
If she ever does.
She will, I know she will.
What shall we do now? We can't leave her here, I think the doctors, who, by the way, look very weird, don't care much.
We should help her, we're her only hope, maybe her last one.
Look, the docs are coming.

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