Thursday, 2 October 2008

A new start

My dear friends, I am back. Haven't you missed me?

Second year of blogging.
Second username, no it´s not from Zoro.
Second language, so all my friends will be able to participate (for me to practise as well, and Please don´t lol at my errors).

So, let´s blogging.

Today (actually tonight) is the first time after quite a long time that I do have Internet, real and fast Internet. So glad about it.

And let´s talk about summer and the great time we had etc etc.

Or better not?

Why not talking about the autumn and new year´s plans. For me the year begins in September, this is the time that resolutions and this kind of things come to my mind.

Well, is there any life -you know the one that includes the whole package: leisure time, games, fun, love, friendship, entertainment, family warmth- during this long period of working? Maybe life turns up suddenly when the diary has got images of beaches and that-that moment of the year- rings a bell, I guess. Somehow, that wakes us up of a lethargy, of the one that autumn-winter-spring-working period turns us into. Maybe I am wrong, hope I am.

You tell me, when you´re ready. I´ll be waiting. I´ve learned that patience is a wonderful thing to have and if not you´d better have it.

But, honestly, wouldn´t you adore a gift of some really free time?

For the moment, adios.


P.s. I´ve run out of ideas. Please, my good friends, come up with any subject you´d like to discuss and let´s do it.


araC said...

Wellcome back!
We missed you...
Nice colour

What Z stands for?
and why florentino is dead?

Ηγεμόνη said...

Yes, me as well I want to know what Z stands for..Is it Zero, Zebra or Zoro?? :)
Great redecoration!
Indeed, good opportunity for us too to practise the language!!

Z. said...

Thank you very much.

Of course, Z (as a username) is something personal that I don't want to share, at least not now.

It's not from Zero, Zebra or Zorro. By the way, did you know that Zorro (pronounced as Thorro) in Spanish is Fox?Think of his character, it makes sense, right?

fanis said...

"Z σημαίνει να είσαι Ζωντανός"

(για την ομώνυμη ταινία του Κ.Γαβρά)

Καλή νέα αρχή my friend!