Saturday, 25 October 2008


This period I´m obsessed with the weather. It´s changing all the time. Let's see, Tuesday: about 19 degrees Celsius, sunny and cloudy (interchangeably, always), people with half-sleeves T-shirts on.
Wednesday: 9 degrees Celsius, rainy (all day long since Tuesday night, at midnight), people with jackets and scarves on carrying umbrellas (if not, there are so many rain-exploiters at all metro exits selling them).
Thursday: rain's here to stay (obviously), the temperature starts climbing though, people confused and tired.
T.G.I.F. Thanks God It's Friday (yes, the Friday's emblem): so sunny, the light (after so much rain) makes your eyes sting (as the song -La isla bonita-goes), temperature's kind of up. It's one of those days you say 'Fuck, God does exist', you know, a bit chilly, after-two-day-rain clear sunny day.

So, tell me, how would you like to spend these 4 days? I read on the paper the other day, there was a question, 'What would you like to do on a rainy day?' People said a lot of things such as staying home with friends to watch a movie...Isn't it just perfect? I should tell you at this point that I used to do this. Yes, as a student with my friends, up there on the fourth floor where there was a beautiful view from the balcony and so the rainy days I stayed in there, safe and sound with friends, watching a movie or playing a game or, ok, studying. The (last) years of innocence. When you still smile and laugh without even knowing why.

Of course, these were weekdays, so I had to go to work. Of course. Days just gone by, so beautiful days.


pareisaktos said...

"The (last) years of innocence. When you still smile and laugh without even knowing why"
αξέχαστο σπίτι

Z. said...

Thanks for your comment pareisakte.

I should tell you that the main idea of the two sentences you quoted goes with what you noticed once "back then we were the life itself, now we just live".