Sunday, 14 June 2009

The missing peace

My dear M.,

I remember the time you asked me what I wanted from my life and I honestly answered that I didn´t know. I think, though, I can see now a vague picture of the future I want.

As I have no answers and, worse, still look for the questions, I cannot answer your big question. What about you my friend? I guess you know the answers, I can feel somehow that you know everything.

I'm not quite sure whether you'd like to reveal them to me. I know you used to hate and love me equally but now I'm sure you want me to be happy and strive for it, as a gift without return, though be sure that I will always stand by you no matter what.

Whoever you might be inside, either my biggest fan or my biggest enemy, you kind of freed me. When I find that out it'll probably be too late, for both of us. For our friendship and the great time we had together. Before, I used to be someone else, someone without any conscience of the world, someone without any insights or answers or big questions about life. Now, however, I´ve changed, you gave me knowledge and a reborn feeling, you lent me some of your limited time. Today I need to thank you for all these I owe you. You're my best friend, you're always with me when I don't want to be alone and you're always away when I want to be alone. How wise are you? How unreal are you? Sometimes I think you're nothing but thin air, you come disguised as a beautiful woman, others as a life changing book or masterpiece music. I love you so much, you came to stay, like a childhood friend, like the first painful love, like the true thuth and the real happiness I'm feeling right now.

Even if I never come to see you again.



Ps. "The missing peace" was the title of an Art exhibition here in Madrid.


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I didn't mean to publish that comment. It was a poor comment. It is so nice a text, so subtle is the feeling it expresses and creates, that no comment is to be written...